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The Future of Identity

The identity of people has been fundamental throughout history, both in social relationships and in business. But it had never acquired so much relevance and implications as with the irruption of the internet in our daily lives.

Today, our ability as users to prove our identity not only in the physical world, but in the digital world, is essential to access the majority of services and information offered by the internet. Therefore, for companies, the process by which they verify the identity of their clients has become a key factor in their competitiveness.

This new scenario has led to a different way of understanding and managing identity, and a series of both positive and negative changes. How are users and companies dealing with the new landscape?

What content can you find in this Ebook?

  • The future of identity, by Steve Ritter, Chief Technology Officer at Mitek.

  • Identity in a world where "everyone knows your name" and nobody can keep a secret.

  • The best and the worst times.

  • Identity as the basis of trust.

  • Improving the positive — what works now.

  • Towards a better identity future - what has to change?

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The Future of Identity