The 2016 Mobile World Congress: much more than technology

The Mobile World Congress has returned to break records, not only of attendance, but also of expectations. The cellphone is no longer the undisputed king: this year virtual reality, with the futuristic photo of Mark Zuckerberg at the forefront, captivated the greater part of attention, along with IoT, graphene, mobile payments, hybrid devices, flexible screens, and new applications of wearables.

It’s not just about finding out about the newest features to be incorporated into current-generation phones, the highest screen resolution we can hope for —for now—, to see wearables applied to cows, or to experience virtual reality for the first time. It is about seeing it all together, not just how far technology has come already, but also rather how far it may go; to see what users may await, what is within reach, and if what we are offering is sufficient, or if it still will be in the short term.

For ICAR it has been a year that couldn’t be off to a better start: as providers of identification solutions for MWC16 visitors,our system of digital identification has served to exponentially increase efficiency of lines for the more than 100,000 people who attended.

Additionally, the valuation of MCW16 could not be more positive for us, with an excellent welcoming of ICAR solutions both between clients and partners. Flexible and adapted for each sector and for each specific client, ICAR solutions allow, for example, fast identification in hotels, as highlighted by Enrique Pineda, of Iberostar, who values above all, “the speed at which they allow you to process information when checking into hotels”, with the corresponding improvement in customer experience, particularly when there is a large influx at one time.

"Business opportunities come with a challenge, since you also have to offer a good experience for the user: to lose a client is to lose money, which is not even to consider online fraud."

Xavier Codó,
In the conference about digital security and user experience

Success means making experience and security two factors that are perfectly interrelated and balanced.

For example, in the case of opening a bank account, the ICAR system allows going from a manual process of five minutes to an automatic one that takes less than one minute; in addition, it identifies the person’s identity, avoiding fraud both for the entity and for other clients who may be effected. In the success story presented during the conference, a banking entity reduced its loss by fraud by 98%, going from more than €40 Million to less than €1 Million in losses within one year.

In the case of the travel sector, there is a very clear benefit for both parties: time. For the client, avoiding complications and frequently endless check-in lines; for the business,not merely giving the client what they want and when--to improve their experience--, but also meeting them, to anticipate what they may want in the future.

And what do users want? In the end, a good experience means a quick purchase: one-click, a fast check-out, to be able to select among various payment or funding options, fast delivery, and a secure process.
Because of this, ICAR solutions can best be expressed in three words: Fast, Easy, and Secure.

ICAR solutions can best be expressed in three words: Fast, Easy, and Secure.

Ultimately, as has been shown at MWC16, the future of technology involves giving people what they will want: the present is not enough.