Mobile solutions for global retail market

Next June, Barcelona will host the seventh edition of the Global E-Commerce Summit, this year focused on strategies for e-commerce in a global and competitive environment.

The barriers fall, international markets are increasingly available to retail, which allows them to compensate for the saturation of the market today. But, as in any large project, the questions arise. What is the key to success? To focus on the global retailing, companies need to establish which markets are suitable for them, and develop strategies tailored to each of them.

This year in Global E-Commerce Summit focuses on analyzing trends this 2015: spoken communities, crowdsourcing, MeCommerce, personalization, Big Data...

Among these trends, payment via mobile security and the prevention of identity fraud have become not only an added service, but in a strategic key. For this reason, authentication of identity SaaS solutions are increasingly adapted to the purchase online via mobile.

The new behaviors of consumers raise new approaches on digital security and identification online. Emerging disruptive solutions to solve the challenges of online payments at a global level.

For example, IDMobile of Icar solution enables authentication of identity of buyers online and e-business is adapted to the environment. Specially designed to detect identity fraud, it represents a cost saving and at the same time improves the user experience. The solution identifies the client in real time, from tablet, smartphone or web.

This solution IDMobile will be one of which will be presented at the Global E-Commerce Summit, which this year engaged a representative part of the programme strategies and solutions to reduce identity fraud and risk in the payments.