How daily habits compromise our security in the cloud

Today's weird not having any data stored in the cloud, both our personal and professional life, as it is easier and faster than go recalling hits and key every few minutes. We have the technology integrated; however we have not had time to acquire habits of security. Because save our data in the cloud also entails some dangers that we don't have in mind.

Although the companies where we can have hosted data, such as Google, Facebook and Apple, already made efforts to protect our security, cyber rates and Internet Security show us that is not enough, everybody needs to get involved.

Start at the beginning: do not store important information!
Although it is very useful, it is not recommended to store sensitive data cloud.

How do we know if a datum is sensible? Very easy: assesses what impact can have for you if someone steals your data determined to misuse. Can it be serious? What consequences can it have? This will give us an idea of the security required.

Learn more about your storage service

Much talk cloud and security, but each provider is different. So worth it, before storing our information, reading the user agreement that gives each company. Thus we also know which vendor we care about more, which offers greater security for our data, and what is worthwhile that we keep there or not.

Take seriously the passwords. Of truth.
It seems silly, but if we all select more complex passwords and changed them from time to time we would prevent many scares. Did you know that 90% of passwords can be discovered in a few seconds? In addition, even it is a bad habit that most have, should avoid duplicating the same password for our accounts of the different platforms (social networks, WordPress, email...).

There are some tricks to choose secure password: choose a word or phrase at random, better if it is long, and add another word then that identifies with the reason for the creation of the password. EJ. itisfridayMailchimp.

If you want it to make it even stronger, including a number, but never date of birth!

Why not a double check of identity?
Other services offered by cloud is the option of performing a double check of identity at the time of accessing the account, or for example when we make changes to settings such as resetting the password.

Also it allows us to register computers from those who tend to access the platform or request a telephone number to confirm through an SMS.

Protect your data before uploading them
Really ever wanted to open a document and you have failed because it was protected? Well, that have to do with those documents that we want to keep protected in the cloud before storing them in this.

A trick: using software like Free Archiver, you can convert your document in zip and put a password.

Use an encrypted cloud service
There is also another option for protecting data: by encrypting them.

Idea: Some clouds already include a service to encrypt and decrypt documents (such as SpiderOak and Wuala), allowing to have our encrypted files on the computer and stored securely in the cloud automatically.

Watch what you save from mobile cloud
Not to lose everything that we have in our smartphone we tend to take advantage of cloud services that come with the device, and automatically give permission for upload. But be careful on what you upload! If you delete something on your mobile remember that will not be erased in the cloud if you have not configured earlier.

In short, we could say that the speed with which we have integrated technology into our every day has prevented us acquire habits and routines; we have not internalized the concept of security in the online environment. So automatic storing the password in the browser of Google when it asked it should be checked whether this gesture is safe or not.

At the moment, we hope that with these tips have given you some idea.

Do you have any other suggestions to increase security in the cloud? Say it in the comments!