Identity verification:
certainty in an uncertain world

Experience the digital identity verification solutions of tomorrow for today´s rapidly evolving mobile economies

  • Mobile


    Identity verification using a mobile device

    Verify your customer's identity from their own device, from anywhere, at any time. In less than 20 seconds.

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  • Web


    Identity verification from website

    Allow your client to validate their identity and provide their data from home or the office.

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  • Desktop


    IDBox Scanner

    Solutions for data capture and online fraud prevention at point of origin.

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Moving business forward

Financial service organizations, digital marketplaces and hundreds of other businesses around the world partner with us to provide the secure, convenient experience their customers expect.

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  • Financial institutions

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  • 3 September 2020

    Strategic Guide Digital Identity Verification in Financial Services

    As new digital services continue to evolve, one conundrum remains constant: how to deliver a fast, frictionless experience for customers while accurately stopping the relative few seeking to commit fraud.

    In this strategic guide, we'll share best practices in the financial sector. We'll help you evaluate where it makes the most sense to implement digital identity verification, and how...

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  • 15 June 2020 Press release
  • 8 June 2020

    Fraud trends and tectonics

    Today fraud has become a force majeure capable of disrupting business, especially in the financial services sector and online markets. Account theft, online payment scams, synthetic identity theft, deepfakes ... it all points to the foundations of traditional fraud management falling apart.

    How can companies face the new digital scene? One of the main keys is to understand the relationship...

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