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Free eBook: The future of digital identity

9 experts discuss the future of digital identity

Banking is becoming more digital by the day. Increasingly, people value the immediacy and convenience of online channels, and financial institutions have adapted to that paradigm with new business models and disruptive technologies. But this sea of possibilities gives rise to certain concepts that break down barriers that have existed until now.

In this ebook, nine experts from the financial, technological, legal, and business sectors discuss the most controversial concepts that lie ahead for the field of digital identity.

  • The connection between the physical and digital self: understanding the full context that represents a person on the Internet.

  • Biometrics and its role in verifying a user’s digital identity. Is is truly reliable and secure?

  • Blockchain technology: its possibilities and the legal and cultural barriers to its implementation.

  • User experience, and the challenges faced by companies in ensuring data security without compromising that experience.

  • Regulations and standards that affect the entire digital environment, especially the most innovative and disruptive technologies.

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Free eBook: The future of digital identity