Express mobile check-in is within reach for all hotels

HotelManager’s personalized hotel app incorporates IDMobile technology, a new functionality that streamlines customer identification during check-in

As part of their effort to expand and update the services that tourism institutions using their app can offer to travelers, ICAR and HotelManager have joined forces to incorporate an express mobile check-in module to the app for hotels.

Using the hotel’s app, the customer can scan their ID document whenever and wherever they want before arriving at the hotel, with all the conveniences this suggests. In addition to avoiding long lines at check-in, this solution improves the customer’s welcome experience, which, of course, reflects on the hotel’s image.

“This is important when we think about the fact that there are more than a few comments on TripAdvisor from guests complaining about long wait times to check in at hotels, which is really not the best welcome for someone who is arriving at the hotel tired after a long trip. In the hotel industry, more than any other industry, anything we can do to give the customer a warmer welcome, including our online presence, makes sense and is worth considering.”

Raimundo Vidales
CEO of HotelManager

This technology, designed by ICAR, is intuitive and easy to use. It only takes a few seconds for the customer to scan their ID or passport using the hotel’s app on their smartphone and the data is sent to the hotel’s property management software. It’s that simple.

Advantages for the Hotel

Anyone who works at the front desk or reception area of a hotel is well aware of how tedious it can be to manually enter customers’ data when filling out their records.

Although many hotels have an ID and passport scanner, which saves some time, these solutions do not include the added value that express check-in offers to guests.

Vacation rentals and other types of accommodations without reception desks, or with limited check-in hours, will see the many advantages to this functionality on the app, as it simplifies data collection when reserving a room, preparing for the trip, and billing afterwards.

“These days hotel chains are more and more aware of the importance of adapting to the growing use of cell phones. Technological innovation in customer identity verification offers many advantages in the hotel industry, not only in terms of operations, but also in ensuring security for the customer without making the verification process difficult or unwelcoming. As part of a hotel’s app, this functionality completes the mobile experience that today’s tourists are demanding. Last-minute hotel reservations on cell phones are continuing to increase across the world, and offering this service to customers makes more sense now than ever,”

Mariona Campmany
ICAR´s Marketing Manager