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2020 Trends in digital identity verification

Technology has blurred the limits of time and space. We can contact people and companies from anywhere on the planet almost in real time. However, this openness to the world is not without risks: How do we know that the person on the other side of the message or transaction is really who he says he is?

Fake news and fake identity profiles are the order of the day, so digital trust has become the main currency of change in Internet relations, whether personal or professional.

Therefore, in this book we gather the main advances and trends in digital identity verification that have played a prominent role in 2019, and that in 2020 will be consolidated to facilitate the digital relationship between the user and the company, in addition to contributing to create a safer future.

  • Electronic transactions: Are we heading towards a world without physical money?

  • Digital identity: How has the relationship between UX and security evolved?

  • Technological trends in digital identity verification.

  • The validation of the digital identity in financial onboarding.

  • The real benefits of digital onboarding.

  • The role of digital identity verification in the lending market.

  • PSD2 and SCA: How European regulations affect digital transactions.

  • The real cost of knowing your client: The Know Your Customer regulations.

  • Trends 2020: Where is our digital identity going?

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2020 Trends in digital identity verification