A new generation of identity verification systems.

ICAR is a world leader in customer identity verification solutions, which, in turn, prevents identity fraud. With its headquarters in Barcelona, ICAR combines the need to provide maximum security with an optimum user experience.

ICAR was founded in 2002 as a Spin-off of de Computer Vision Centre of de Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, and has positioned itself as the only international multi-platform company that offers fully automated solutions, offering mobile and cloud-based tools, as well as a desktop app.

Today, ICAR has a presence in more than 30 countries and 150,000 points of sale distributed throughout the world.

The company’s philosophy includes a strong investment in Research and Development of new technology, which allows ICAR to offer solutions adapted to each market and country.

The success of transactions comes down to two factors: the overall experience we offer to our users and the security of the transaction.

By investing in the development of innovative solutions for mobile device identity verification and by offering fully automated verification systems, we are the first to enter this market segment, and our strong background has led us to be the company chosen by many entities.

Xavier Codó, CEO of ICAR

Today’s consumers want disruptive solutions that do not require them to sacrifice the user experience in order to gain security.

ICAR solutions accelerate the user identification processes, such as those used to open bank accounts, in hiring processes, consumer credit applications, and hotel or event registration, while also offering easy-to-use solutions that adapt to the current economic situation.