Avoid identity fraud with a mobile phone in just 30 seconds

Icar, at the forefront of European scientific innovation in mobile solutions

The Icar company, located in Cerdanyola del Vallès, has joined the Horizon2020 Programme, the largest European research and innovation programme, with its mobile solution for preventing identity fraud.

This programme has nearly 80 billion Euro at its disposal to finance projects, only between 2014 and 2020, without counting the private capital that this financing may attract. Its objectives are, on one hand, reinforce the position of the EU in the global scientific arena, and on the other hand, support the development of technologies and applications in order to improve European competitiveness.

This is therefore a program that requires and validates products of high technical quality, that meet top-notch development and research standards and have market potential.

Through this programme, Icar is developing new functionalities for its fraud-prevention solution, ID_Mobile. This solution allows the client's identification to be processed and automatically detected in real time, through a smart phone, tablet, or website. The time needed to read and identify is mere seconds, yand it has a minimum reliability of 90%, up to 97.42% for national ID documents.This application can be easily integrated into third-party apps and has two clear differential advantages: It is a fully automated solution, and permits reading documents provefrom 194 countries.

Given the increase in on-line fraud and its direct and indrect consequences for any business, Icar's solution is being welcomed in various sectors such as finance, hospitality, and e-commerce, although it is also applicable to other sectors, such as insurance, which also values the cost savings and the extra level of security it provides.

Icar's ID_Mobile solution was presented at the last Mobile World Congress, and evolved from its ID_Box solution for validating ID documents, a system already used, for example, by 90% of hotels in Spain.

In summary, this is a solution at the forefront of European scientific research and development that has had a major impact on preventing ID fraud in various sectors.

However, for Icar, the challenge is not over yet; in 2016 they will unveil new functionalities developed with the support of the Horizon2020 programme. The company also plans to continue opening markets in Europe and Latin American.