Automatic identification in hotels: What does it provide?

In a society where technology is the newest trend, it seems almost obligatory to systematize and digitalize all our processes. But is it really useful and applicable to everything? In this case, we are going to analyze the advantages of automatic identification in the hotel industry.

Reduce your costs

Reducing costs is the most salient advantage to systematizing almost any process, in any industry.
The medium- and long-term cost of not using new technologies to improve processes is higher than the investment required to implement the new technologies.

Multi-platform trend

The latest data puts Spain at the forefront of Europe in the use of smartphones, at 81%, and as one of the world leaders in multi-platform Internet access, at 66%, more than even the United States.
There is a clear need to facilitate the processes for clients who are making use of mobile devices.

Goodbye, lines!
By allowing your customers to use smartphones to check themselves in and out, and even allowing groups to check in on the way to the hotel, the all-too-familiar lines at your reception desk will disappear. This will improve your customer’s experience and your hotel’s reputation.

Set yourself apart
Smart Hotels are a rising trend in our country. They are hotels that use new technology to optimize the majority of processes in their establishment.
If you want to position yourself against the competition and set yourself apart, you need to take advantage of this opportunity and quickly incorporate technological advances. You will then not only attract the attention of your traditional clients, but you will also attract the new generation, the millennials, who are addicted to everything Internet-related.

Absolute control of information

When you automate the identification process of identity documents, you will improve the administration of those documents, too. Data is captured, extracted, and classified for its inclusion in your hotel’s management system or Property Management System (PMS). By doing this, you will also eliminate possible errors when entering data into the system.
Another point to emphasize is that you avoid the risk of losing personal documents when your clients leave them as a deposit.

Improve your data security

With today’s figures on identity fraud, you have to set up all existing barriers in order to provide maximum security for your customers. By automating the identification processes and saying goodbye to traditional paper copies of documents, you increase the level of protection of their personal information. At the same time, you avoid the high financial losses that come with identity fraud.

Get to know your clients
Not only will you know your customers’ basic personal information, but you can also get to know their likes and needs thanks to the use of social networks in the new identification systems.
Also, by having all your information recorded and indexed, you will be able to quickly see who your loyal customers are, and be able to launch effective loyalty campaigns.

No legal problems

Since 2000, the European anti-terrorism legislation requires you to register all guests, a copy of their identity document, and the transaction of all their information; therefore, with this system you will avoid any error that would lead to a serious problem for your business.

Are you going to continue identifying your customers manually? Given this information, it seems illogical to continue doing so, when you could forget about your customers’ complaints about slow customer service, waiting in long lines...