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Aplazame Case Study

"Aplázame, like any online payment method, has the challenge of being very fast, streamlined, and secure. And this is where technology plays an essential role. In our case, working hand-in-hand wit ICAR is an assurance of success. At times we must ask our customers for their documentation, and so having an automated technology capable recognizing this documentation allows us to carry out the process automatically. This allows us to preserve our ability to give an immediate answer to a customer’s credit application."

Fernando Cabello-Astolfi,

The challenge

Controlling credit risk is crucial for Aplázame’s business model. One of its main challenges is to correctly verify the identity of customers who apply for credit; that is, to be able to know who is really on the other side of the transaction that is being carried out. This is not always easy,
especially when there is a need to verify identity quickly and, of course, securely.

Aplazame Case Study