2015 Trends: A paperless future?

Have you heard about the trend toward going paperless? It's the attempt to eliminate paper in favor of digitalization of all documents. This applies to all sectors and types of documents and although this trend has been going on for several years, we hope that this year will mark a turning point.

Are we ready for the switch?

Like all kinds of change, going paperless is a slow process, but many sectors are already changing their processes. Many companies already offer digital invoices instead of sending them on paper.

This option is more convenient for many users because it prevents accumulation of paper mail and loss of invoices, since you always have them accessible within your email. Even so, some people are resistant to this change, although this number is on the decrease.

As a company, what benefits does it provide?

The change to paperless has many advantages, both in terms of cost and in terms of optimizing processes and efficiency. The main advantages are that it allows you to save on:

  • Paper. Although this might seem silly, if you stop and think about it, how much money does your company spend each year on paper?

  • Printing providers . ABy not having to print things all the time, you will not have to contract their services. The small amount that you do have to print, you can do in your own office.

  • Consumables like staples, stamps, toner... Forget about having to go to the store because you ran out!

  • Time. On one hand, because you will not have to spend time printing, labeling, and filing documents. And on the other hand, by having everything uploaded to an online storage service (the cloud), you can just search for the name of the document that you need, and it will appear.

  • Physical space. Stop dedicating entire rooms in your building to store documents in folders.

What added value does this help me offer my clients?

By eliminating paper and providing everything digitally to your clients, you provide them with:

  • Security. Since they do not receive their documents only on paper, and they can always be recovered if lost.

  • Convenience. By not having to store papers and more papers. If they need copies, they just have to click "print".

  • Deals. By avoiding printing costs, you can offer your services at a better price point.

If we stop to analyze everything that we gain by going paperless, perhaps we will realize that we should have done it already. A trend to keep in mind for our purposes this year.