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The FI’s guide to improving digital onboarding

Consumer preferences for digital banking services have changed, not only because of natural digital evolution, but especially because of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, these preferences are not the same among more or less digitized population segments. For example, Gen Z, millennials, or baby boomers differ in the types of personal information they feel most comfortable sharing with their financial institution.

This study carried out by with the collaboration of Mitek analyzes in depth the current use of digital banking services.

What is analyzed in the whitepaper?

  • How do consumers prefer to open new bank accounts?

  • The impact of the pandemic on interactions between consumers and financial institutions.

  • What experience do consumers expect when opening an account.

  • What financial institutions can do to reduce consumer reluctance to share personal information.

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 The FI’s guide to improving digital onboarding