Identity verification:
certainty in an uncertain world

Experience the digital identity verification solutions of tomorrow for today´s rapidly evolving mobile economies

  • Mobile


    Identity verification using a mobile device

    Verify your customer's identity from their own device, from anywhere, at any time. In less than 20 seconds.

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  • Web


    Identity verification from website

    Allow your client to validate their identity and provide their data from home or the office.

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  • Desktop


    IDBox Scanner

    Solutions for data capture and online fraud prevention at point of origin.

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Moving business forward

Financial service organizations, digital marketplaces and hundreds of other businesses around the world partner with us to provide the secure, convenient experience their customers expect.

  • Cryptocurrency

  • Financial institutions

  • Payments

  • Sharing + Marketplace

  • Travel

Tomorrow’s news

  • 10 June 2019 Press release

    Electronic transactions: Are we heading for a cashless future?

    One year ago, Experian and Mitek signed a partnership agreement to improve digital identity verification processes and to prevent online fraud. One year later, the number of electronic transactions carried out via the platform is striking: 80 million transactions were validated worldwide in the last twelve months alone, which is equivalent to 1.5 million transactions per week.
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  • 3 June 2019 Press release

    Can we cure the problem of false identities online by taking a selfie?

    It’s not a new phenomenon – being on Twitter or Instagram and someone you’ve never heard of adds you or sends you a message. Or how about a Facebook or LinkedIn request pops up from someone you think you know from your company or gym – but you can’t be sure. More often than not, you’ll soon get word that you shouldn’t accept any requests from this ‘fake account’.


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